Is there a Usonian lifestyle for the 21st Century?  My husband, Dan, and I frequently “escape” Southern California to our own Usonia, the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Goetsch-Winckler House in Mid-Michigan, to find out.

Escape to Usonia will chronicle my experiences and observations on life in a Usonian home to give my readers an inside look at how interaction with this architectural style affects daily life.

Many blogs about the technical aspects of Usonian architecture and renovation diaries have already been done.  So have “at first I hated it but now I love it” essays by Usonian homeowners.  Less has been written about the deeper insights one gains by interacting with the architecture during the seemingly insignificant situations of daily life.

Books, websites and house tours give only a taste of what it is like to live in a Usonian home.  Even those fortunate enough to spend a night in a Frank Lloyd Wright home may not have the time to interact with every aspect of the architecture.  I want to share my day to day experiences for those who desire more information, especially anyone planning to build a new home based on Usonian principles.

Please join me on the journey.