Many people ask how and/or why we came to purchase the Goetsch-Winckler House.  Here’s the story.


“If you didn’t buy me a birthday gift yet,  check out the paper on the dining room table.”

My husband Dan’s birthday was almost three months away.  Of course I hadn’t purchased a gift.  We almost never exchange gifts anyway, preferring travel or event tickets instead.  What could be so important?

WRIGHT ON THE MARKET  Properties for Sale:                               The Goetsch-Winckler House, Okemos, MI

Goetsch-Winckler 2006

Oh.  Real estate.

Over the years we’ve bought, renovated and sold some great properties, but we’ve also travelled out of our way to check out some total losers. (The historic stone cottage with the giant magic mushroom mural and the oh-by-the-way-there-was-a murder-here farm property immediately come to mind.)

Browsing online for real estate is one of Dan’s guilty pleasures, equivalent to my browsing for shoes.  We’d recently discussed the business/leisure advantages of a condo near Michigan State.  But, a Frank Lloyd Wright house?  Was this for real?

Although we’d lived in MSU’s married housing in the 70‘s during Dan’s grad school days and loved the area, we’re originally from the East Coast, and relocated to Southern California in the 80‘s with no regrets.  Over the years I’ve come to believe that nothing good can come from living east of Interstate 25! Michigan is a nice place to visit, but did I really want to own a home there?  And an old home at that.

“Well, OK, call for information, but we’re not going to be in Michigan to see it until October, so I’m sure it will be sold.”

But it wasn’t.  So we saw it.  And…

No mushrooms.  No murders.  No “negative energy”.

Good things CAN happen east of Interstate 25!

“Happy Birthday, Dan!”

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