Glazed and Confused

Although there have been numerous scholarly references to both the “fixed and movable vertical glazed fenestration” elements of our Usonian home, we have never said, “It’s getting warm in here. We should open the vertical glazed fenestration.” 

Instead, we say, “Let’s open up,” (which must have colloquial linguistic roots, since everything actually opens out), conveniently avoiding the identification of the movable openings as windows or doors.  

Based solely on my authority as a homeowner and many summer days spent “opening and closing up”, I’ve derived my own definition of windows and doors in the Goetsch-Winckler House.

If passing one’s body through it will get you seriously injured or stuck, it’s a WINDOW. The bank of windows on the west side of the Studio allows access to the built-in outdoor planter.  Every window is operable and is perfect for throwing open for yodeling, Sound of Music style, into the hollow! Or maybe just watering the plants.A vertical rod locks the windows and a unique hardware system holds them open. 

The very narrow bathroom window runs floor to ceiling like a door, but operates on the window rod system.  Only a mischievous small child would consider using it as an escape!

Mysteriously, two glass panes in the large bedroom have vertical rods, but have no hinges or ghost marks for screens and are not at all operable.  I’ll have to check the original blueprints for clues.

Doors!  We’ve got lots and lots of doors, but which one is THE door? Who knows.  If it takes you to solid ground and has a door knob, it’s a DOOR.  We’ve decided that THE door is the one with the deadbolt, but it’s very easy to exchange the pairs of doors, so we’ll never know for sure.

The entrance wall has 5 pairs of doors and 5 fixed panels.  The doorknobs are original and require plenty of TLC.  They could be stock hardware from the 1940’s so I’m posting close-up photos, hoping someone may know of a source for replacement parts.  

A pair of doors in the Studio opens to the Lanai, providing welcome breezes to the Alcove across from it, and a pleasant view from the piano bench.

Doors in both bedrooms also open to the Lanai.  All windows and doors have interior screens that stay in place year round.  

Our contractor installed a sweeping weather stripping at the bottom of the Lanai area screens to make me feel safer from wandering forest creatures that might sneak under them. 

OK, stop laughing.  I’m convinced an evil chipmunk is stalking me.  When Frank Lloyd Wright said, “Bring the outside in,” he did NOT mean the chipmunks!